The First Steps to Lucid Dreaming

The main tenant that lucid dreaming is going to revolve around is increased self-awareness through self control. This can be achieved through meditation; specifically, mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness is meditation centered on focus. Generally speaking mindfulness focuses on breathing techniques,…


Is Lucid Dreaming Real?

Many of you will come to this site wondering whether lucid dreaming is real, questioning its possibility and your potential to procure exactly what it is you want. We promise to try and make this a fruitful endeavor for…


Vitamin B6 Implicated In Lucid Dreaming

Denholm Aspy stood roaming about the University of Adelaide‚Äôs School of Psychology office, pondering, searching for students to participate in his lucid dreaming experiment. He listed lucid dreaming, meditation, and dream recall as some of his keen interests. He…