Vitamin B6 Implicated In Lucid Dreaming


Denholm Aspy stood roaming about the University of Adelaide’s School of Psychology office, pondering, searching for students to participate in his lucid dreaming experiment. He listed lucid dreaming, meditation, and dream recall as some of his keen interests. He desires participants for his study that will show how Vitamin B6 helps induce lucid dreaming.


Links have already been made regarding lucid dreaming, a type of dream where one is fully aware they are dreaming, and vitamin B. However, Aspy wants to compare vitamin B6 specifically, amongst a diverse group of other B vitamins, which is a first in this area of research.


The attention paid toward B6 specifically is its supposed ability to induce more vivid, emotional and colorful dreams. Pyridoxine, found within vitamin B6, has been implicated in the creation of norepinephrine and serotonin, chemicals produced in different areas of the body including blood platelets and the brain. It is thought that low serotonin is the main facilitator in people diagnosed with depression.

Mr. Aspy is also undertaking a separate study in which his main subject is lucid dreaming. He has undergone research in lucid dreaming in what he believes helps people achieve the most out of their dreaming state. Many researchers have found causal links in lucid dreaming helping people cope with stress management, trauma and phobia; it may also improve problem solving and motor skills.

However, to produce lucid dreams one must be able to remember them. Aided by his research, Mr. Aspy believes vitamin B6 specifically will help one achieve their ability to recall and produce more vivid and responsive dreams.

For his study, participants will undergo a 10-day trial where they will be provided with 3-different capsules: a placebo, vitamin B6, and a combination of other B vitamins. Participants will be subjected to a questionnaire every morning which will then be subject to analysis. Original source here:

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